Getting a tattoo can be an exciting yet painful experience. To assure that your tattoo experience is successful, and as painless as possible here is some information to prepare for your appointment. 

  • We open at noon, so if your appointment is at 11:00 am, please come to the door and someone will let you in momentarily, so please be patient. I’II be watching for you, so no need to call or knock on the door. 

**CASH is the preferred payment method** 

I accept all major Credit or Debit cards, Zelle, tap pay for your convenience. 

If using a credit card for payment, PLEASE contact your provider before your appointment making them aware of an upcoming large purchase @bqtattoos to avoid a blocked transaction. 

If you plan to bring a guest to accompany you, please limit it to 1 person (there is only space for 1 additional person in the artist area while getting tattooed) 

No CHILDREN under 16 

Please Do Not buy or apply any lidocaine. I use my own products to eliminate unknown factors. 

Hydrate your skin internally and externally 48 hours minimum before your tattoo and during your appointment. 

Bring water, juice for natural sustainable sugar 

Eat a good meal before your appointment. Preferably something high in protein. 

Bring snacks and expect to take a lunch break for longer sessions 

Eating helps fatigue = less pain 

Avoid alcohol aspirin or any type of blood thinner 24 hours before your appointment. 

Shave your skin with an electric shaver No Razor Please

Exfoliate your skin 5-7 days before your appointment. No Sooner! (If you forget don’t bother) 

Do not sun your skin in the area being tattooed 2 weeks before and 1 month after any session. 

Sun ages the tattoo so it’s best to not sun the tattoo at all for the duration of the project. 

Wear comfortable clothes that can get ink on them and make the area getting tattooed accessible. 

Bring headphones and a hoodie. 

The shop is Located @ 

Dark Horse Tattoo Company 

1111 N Gilbert Rd # 108 

Gilbert, AZ