When filling out the inquiry form be specific as you can from the very beginning but Keep it simple! We can discuss in more detail if needed but usually less is more.

For example: Instead of saying you want a skull on your back.

You may say you want a black and grey human skull in the middle of your back from one shoulder blade to the other with red geometric patterns incorporated into the skull. 

Or, tell me you want a blue and black human skull on your right shoulder about two to three inches in diameter.

I believe that a tattoo artist should be just that, an artist who does tattoos. Photos are not always necessary, unless you’re seeking a portrait. If you’re looking to do a cover-up please include a current photo of the tattoo you wish to cover. I will research my own references to design my own patterns biased on your general theme.

Verbalize your Idea and Let Me Create from There

In a few words describe your ideas to me, and from your ideas I can create something unique. The more specific you are in your communication, the more accurate a quote you’re going to get and the happier you’ll be with the end result. I want to be able to deliver your ideal vision.

Thank you for your understanding! I will respond to your request with more information as soon as possible. If you have not received a response please check your junk/spam box and be sure your email address is correct. 

I am currently seeking projects in these categories! 

Illustrative Realism

animals, skulls, flowers, pet portraits with proper reference

iconic movies, musicians, actors, athletes, pop culture  

Geometric/ Ornamental 

patterns, sacred geometry, mandalas, blackwork, ornate designs. 

Everyone stay healthy and safe, keep your immune systems up, drink plenty of water and eat a substantial meal before your tattoo appointment.


1111 N Gilbert road #108 Gilbert, AZ. 85234

What days are you available?

I tattoo Monday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.
If you are sick, have been sick, been around someone sick…PLEASE PLEASE reschedule your appointment. If you show up coughing or sick, I will reschedule your appointment!   

I’m currently only doing consultations in person 1-2 days out of the month by appointment. These will be done at my discretion after I have reviewed your inquiry and determined that it is necessary. To inquire about a tattoo you must go through this website. A large tattoo such as a back piece or sleeve, a piece that wraps the body or a cover-up would be good examples of reasons I may have you come into the shop.

How do I Schedule /Reschedule/ Cancel an appointment?

Appointments are required for tattoos and consultations. If you would like to set up an appointment or consult with me about your project, please use the Inquiry Form on the inquiry page. I am selective on the type of tattoo projects that I take on. Please understand that I do not take on every type of tattoo. Because I tattoo full day sessions I ask that you give 48 hours notice if you need to reschedule/cancel an appointment via Text or Email. Failure to provide 48hrs notice will result in loss of deposit. I also will only reschedule appointments up to 2 times, otherwise the deposit will be kept for blocking out the time. 
All cancellations/rescheduling must be handled via Text or Email. I will no longer consider any other form of communication (Facebook, Instagram, Voicemail, etc.). I ask for your understanding because I work extremely hard for my clients and deserve that respect in return.

How far are you booked out?

As of right now I’m booked around a month out. Depending on the day you’re looking to schedule I might have room to squeeze you in sooner, but please be patient while we work out a time. Random cancellations and rescheduled appointments means you may be able to skip the wait.

How much do you charge?

I charge by the full day or half day session in most cases. I only charge hourly in specific situations such as the end of a project.

New and existing projects/Illustrative Realism/Geometric

Deposit 200$

Full day 1400$   6-8 hours

Half day 700$   3-4 hours

2hour min 360$  

If needed 180$ hourly but only in specific situations. 


Deposit 200$

Full day 1600$   6-8 hours

Half day 800$   3-4 hours

2hour min 400$ 

If needed 200$ hourly but only in specific situations.

What kind of tattoos do you do?

I specialize in Illustrative Realism, Geometric/ Ornamental, Blackwork, Oriental, or a mixture of these. 
Priority will be given to projects within these styles.

I DO NOT do Lettering, script, Family Portraits, Celtic, Norse, Polynesian, fairies, Phoenix, Disney or small tattoos (less than 2 hours). If you’re getting a large tattoo and want to do a small one in the same session I may be ok with this at my discretion.
Please note that I will not copy anyone else’s artwork or tattoo.

Can I bring someone with me?

If you plan to bring a guest to accompany you for your appointment please limit it to 1 person (I only allow 1 additional person in the artist area while getting tattooed)
​No CHILDREN under 16

Do you do free touch ups?

I consider free touch ups to be less than 30 minutes. If it’s more than 30 minutes, there is a charge.

Do you do cover ups?

It’s specific to each project, the more open you are to design, the more likely I’ll be able to do it.

I sent an email, when can I expect a response?

I will try to get back to you as soon as I can. Please understand I tattoo 8-10 hours a day, and it might take a little while to get back to you. I have many emails to respond to so please only send  the one email. Sending multiple emails or texts can cause clutter that makes it hard for me to get back to people in a timely manner. I appreciate your patience while we work together.

It’s been a few weeks and I haven’t received a response, what now?

I appreciate you wanting me to be your tattoo artist for your next piece, but unfortunately if it has been a few weeks without a response, one of three things may have happened. The first being that there may have been a mistyped email or a website error. The second being that the reply may have gone to your spam box instead of your inbox. Please understand tattoos are art, and you should find an artist who is passionate in what you are looking for. Please resend your email directly if you feel this has been an error in some way and I did not get your email. Brandon@bqtattoos.com

When can I see my drawing?

I do not pre draw any tattoos before appointment day. All of my tattoos are custom and drawn on while you’re here for your appointment. There may be pieces of your tattoo that are pre drawn before your appointment but it’s not something that will be fully rendered before appointment day.

What if I come up with more ideas after our consultation?

Getting a new tattoo is a very exciting thing, and I know you are excited too. I know you may think of new things you want to change or add, but I ask you that once we have consulted about your tattoo, that your tattoo is set in stone and that is what I will begin preparing for. If you are not absolutely sure about what you want, I ask that you wait to book your appointment.